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Friday, January 23, 2015

An Ode to Skymall

Today, the news broke that Skymall, everyone’s favorite in-flight distraction, has filed for bankruptcy. Although it’s still unclear when airlines will stop carrying the catalogue, we’d like to take this opportunity to revisit a few of our Skymall-kitsch favorites—drinks-related, of course—while there’s still time to order them.

Set of GOP and FDR Bottle Openers, $14.95
From Skymall: “The collectible GOP Republican elephant is an antique replica that opens bottles with vintage political panache!” Because everyone knows that nothing goes better with drinking than politically-fueled conversations.

The King's Royal Chalice Embossed Brass Goblet, $30-$125
From Skymall: “Only Medieval knights of the realm were once allowed such finery, you and your guests may now raise an 8-oz. glass to cheer a marriage, a birth or any festive occasion worthy of a royal celebration.” Think about it. That Game of Thrones viewing party would be So. Much. Better.

Mischevous Moose, $32.99
From Skymall: “Display your wine with a touch of humor.” Like so many other Skymall products, why not? Also available in “Curious Cub” (a wine-loving polar bear cup) and “Klutzy Kitty” (a trouble-making cat).

Sippy Wine Glass, $19.95
From Skymall: “When standing and noshing, juggling a glass of wine can be challenging. Enter this acrylic wine glass with a no-spill sippy lid. Ingenious!” In all seriousness, we want one of these. Camping, lake-floating, poolside sipping—the opportunities are endless.

Drink of the Week: Square One Bergamot Vodka

In this year's Imbibe 75 Issue we named bergamot—the fragrant citrus best known for lending Earl Grey tea its trademark scent—as a flavor to try in 2015. That's because bergamot is beginning to move beyond the tea world and into the cocktail glass, in part thanks to today’s Drink of the Week, Square One’s Bergamot Vodka. This vodka exudes a purity that many flavored vodkas lack. Fresh and unfiltered, bergamot mingles with notes of tangerines and botanicals like coriander, juniper and ginger. Mix it with Meyer lemon juice and seltzer for a citrus-forward spritzer, or simply drink on its own over ice. $30,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Drink of the Week: Suzor Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2011

With Imbibe HQ a mere hour’s drive from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we're surrounded by an embarrassment of wine riches, including today's Drink of the Week. We featured Suzor Pinot Noir as one of the flavors to try in this year’s Imbibe 75 issue, and winemaker Greg McClellan's inaugural vintage of Suzor Pinot Noir is not to be missed. Crafted from fruit grown in his family’s vineyard, this wine is delicate but assured, offering a mix of red fruit flavors mixed with a bouquet of fresh herbs. It's a lovely any-night sipper, and definitely one of the region’s best we’ve tasted for the price. $35, 

For more on this year's Imbibe 75, check out our January/February issue.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Drink of the week: Buck Hunter cocktail

Photo by Scott Suchman
Today’s Drink of the Week comes from our Imbibe 75 Bartender of the Year, Derek Brown. Washington, D.C.-based Brown runs some of the city’s top spots for drinks, and his Buck Hunter cocktail is a perfect example of how a seemingly simple mix of ingredients can quickly combine into a delicious punch big enough for a group. And for more on Brown, and the rest of this year’s Imbibe 75, check out our January/February issue.

Buck Hunter
6 oz. bourbon
2 1/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 1/4 oz. ginger syrup
1 1/2 oz. water
4 oz. sparkling water
3 Dashes Angostura bitters
Tools: pitcher, large spoon
Glass: rocks
Garnish: lemon wheel

Add all ingredients to a large pitcher. Add ice and give a few stirs to chill. Pour into glasses and garnish.

Derek Brown, Eat the Rich, Washington, DC

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

San Antonio Cocktail Conference Seminars to Watch

Get ready, Texas, because San Antonio Cocktail Conference is next week! One of our favorite cocktail festivals of the year, SACC always promises a balanced serving of lively events, competitions and educational seminars that will up your cocktail game.

Here are three seminars that have caught our eye:

For the thoughtful tasters…
Event Time: 11:00 AM on Jan 16, 2015
Price: $35.00
While the tasting of a spirit allows us to explore its profile, taste, and aroma, few things speak louder about a spirit's DNA than its terroir. Come and hear from two premium brands at SACC, including the Peruvian Pisco Portón, discussing the importance of enforcing an artisanal and sustainable approach in the making of their spirit. Join in the discussion and learn about the important steps taken to shape the future of the industry. Tasting is required.

For the budding bartender…
Event Time: 11:30 AM on Jan 17, 2015
Price: $50.00
Ever wanted to mix and create a signature cocktail of your very own? Now's your chance! Join Jonathan Pogash, "The Cocktail Guru", for a hands-on, fun and informative session on how to choose flavor ingredients and create balanced drinks. We will delve into a bit of cocktail history, learn about bar tools and proper techniques, and ultimately let loose and experiment with some of the best seasonal mixers and quality spirits on the market. It's all about creativity and fun!

For the bubbly drinkers….
Event Time: 01:00 PM on Jan 17, 2015
Price: $45.00
Join LUPEC NYC ladies, Meaghan Dorman (Raines Lawroom, Dear Irving), and Lynette Marrero (Speed Rack, DrinksAt6) for an effervescent discussion on mixing booze and bubbles. Explore Nicolas Feuillate champagne craft cocktails while learning how to elevate the cocktail experience with different expressions of this quality ingredient. Participants will come away with a higher appreciation of the value to quality ratio that champagne can bring to beverages.

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